JudgeGymnast.com will help you:

  • Help your child succeed by evaluating her gymnastics routines from a judge's perspective. The gymnastics evaluation will take the mystery out of what the judge is looking for in an excellent performance.
  • Increase your child's confidence at meets.
  • Understand how the judge arrives at a score so your child can use that information to raise her scores.
  • Pinpoint specific areas for improvement to increase the likelihood of success in competition. 

Here's the process to register and submit your routine to be judged: 

    A. Register for free using our registration form.

    B. Record a digital video of your gymnast's routine

    C. Using the privacy option, upload your video to YouTube and send us a link. Make sure you list                         info@judgegymnast.com as one who is allowed to view it. Or you can list it publicly and then take it off             YouTube once you receive your evaluation.

    D. Pay via PayPal for each routine you would like judged.

 Gymnastics Evaluations

I will help you help your gymnast get the results you both want!

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Welcome to JudgeGymnast.com, here to provide you with valuable feedback of your child's gymnastics routines. Alice Kuntz is a National rated judge actively judging since 1989. In 2001 and 2013 she passed the USAG National Judges' Course awarding her a National judge's rating. She evaluates all levels of women's gymnastics including USAG levels 1-10, high school, college and Xcel rules. Alice also coaches gymnastics on Cape Cod and teaches private lessons. A gymnastics evaluation will help you understand what the judge is looking for in your gymnast's routine. By using JudgeGymnast.com you will have the comfort and peace of mind knowing who is providing the feedback. Alice is the original online judge for gymnastics evaluations. Get your online gymnastics evaluation today!

Here to help your child be successful by helping both you and her understand what the gymnastics judge is looking for.
Gymnastics routine evaluations.
The original online judge for gymnastics evaluations.